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Join the Wine Club




Your Summer/August 2024 will be available for preselection on July 20th. For help or questions, please contact us at or at (760) 789-1287. Thank you!

We invite you to join our wine club and become a part of our growing family. As a member, you'll get exclusive access to our sparkling collection, events, and more. Plus, enjoy rewards and savings all year round. Wine shipments go out three times a year in the spring, summer and winter. For local members, you may pick up your wines in person and save on shipping*.


Free to join and no annual membership fees. By signing up, you agree to a minimum of two shipments. Thank you for your loyalty! Select the club below that fits your wine lifestyle.


Please note: If you are looking to join our wine club and live outside of California and Hawaii, please sign up here first and then AGAIN at out partner site VinoShipper here (total two accounts). Your online account here at will allow you to pre-select your wines while your VinoShipper account will allow us to legally ship to you out of state. Thank you!



REMINDER: Our club members have the option of selecting their wines in each shipment. If no selection has been made by two weeks after the pickup date, a shipment of our choice will be shipped to you. Thank you for your cooperation.



  • choose your own wines

  • 4 complimentary tastings

  • 15% off all purchases

  • 1 complimentary vineyard tour every year (check availability)

4 bottles per shipment

"If you are a light wine drinker and enjoy wine every once in a while, have a glass of wine a week, or drink about a bottle of wine a month, this is for you. This is an easy way into everything we do."


  • choose your own wines

  • 6 complimentary tastings

  • 20% off all purchases

  • 2 complimentary vineyard tours every year (check availability)

6 bottles per shipment

"If you enjoy wine, have one or two glasses of wine a week or drink about two bottles of wine a month, this is the perfect fit for you. You know what you like and are committed to quality."


  • choose your own wines

  • 12 complimentary tastings

  • 25% off all purchases

  • 4 complimentary vineyard tours every year (check availability)

12 bottles per shipment

"If you drink wine with dinner on most nights or have three to four glasses of wine a week, this was made for you. Some call you a wine aficionado, others may call you an oenophile, we call you platinum."



Thank you to all of our loyal club members!